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Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, overbites, and underbites are all reasons not to smile. In addition to lowering your self-confidence, those smile imperfections can also cause chewing discomfort and place your health at risk. At Butterfly Dental Care in San Jose, Dr. Chen and Dr. Andrew specialize in orthodontic treatments that create beautiful, long-lasting, natural-looking smiles that our patients can’t wait to show off to others.


Is an Orthodontist Different from a Dentist?

What is Orthodontics?

Both orthodontists and general dentists are doctors that focus on a patient’s oral health and care. But there are differences, as an orthodontist like Dr. Andrew has had additional schooling that’s specific to the use of traditional fixed braces and other treatments to address issues like misaligned teeth, teeth overcrowding, and over and underbites.

A general dentist like Dr. Chen is licensed to provide preventative and emergency dental care, along with cosmetic and restorative procedures. With respect to orthodontic treatments, Dr. Chen is licensed to offer her patients newer teeth straightening alternatives like Invisalign and ClearCorrect.

Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty that addresses the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of mal-positioned teeth and jaws, along with misaligned bite patterns. Although nearly 30 percent of all orthopedic patients in the U.S. are adults, the American Dental Association recommends that children receive their first orthopedic screening by age seven.

Orthodontic Services We Offer

At Butterfly Dental Care, we offer these orthodontic services:

Braces - Orthodontists use two main types of braces to straighten a patient’s teeth: traditional or lingual. Traditional fixed wire braces are metal or ceramic bands placed on the front of the teeth that are connected with wires. Those wires are periodically tightened to gradually move the teeth into their intended positions.

Invisalign - Invisalign treatment is an advanced clear aligner system that’s backed by over two decades of innovation. Unlike braces, Invisalign clear aligners are removable and virtually invisible and don’t require the use of uncomfortable wires and brackets. With Invisalign, you can start transforming your smile right from your first sitting.

ClearCorrect - ClearCorrect is another clear aligner treatment option that utilizes custom-crafted transparent trays that fit over your teeth to pull them gradually into a better alignment. Essentially invisible to others, ClearCorrect offers our patients another way to straighten their teeth discreetly.

What to Expect During the Orthodontic Screening

Our licensed dentists can provide reliable orthodontic screenings for patients of all ages.


It’s a good idea to have your child’s first orthodontic screening by age 7 to determine where their mouth is in terms of growth and development. If caught early enough, minor teeth misalignment problems can usually be corrected with tooth spacers or palatal expanders to prepare your child for braces once all their permanent teeth have emerged.


If you’re an adult who wants a straighter smile, Dr. Chen or Dr. Nguyen will examine your teeth’ positioning and bite alignment. During the smile consultation, digital X-rays will be taken if we already don’t have a set on file. You’ll also have the chance to sit down with your dentist and explain your smile improvement goals, and to ask them any questions about the teeth straightening process using fixed or removable braces.

Pricing and Insurance

At Butterfly Dental Care, we understand that every patient has unique financial circumstances. That’s why our staff will work with you to find a solution that best meets your dental care needs, whether you have dental insurance or not. Our office networks with most major insurance providers and we offer financial planning and installment payment programs to ensure that you and your family always receive affordable, quality oral health care.

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It’s never too late to enjoy the straight, beautiful, healthy, natural-looking smile that you’ve always wanted. Get started achieving the smile of your dreams today by scheduling an orthodontic screening appointment with Dr. Chen or Dr. Nguyen at Butterfly Dental Care in San Jose, CA -- where we always thrive to deliver the best dental care possible!

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