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Benefits of Implant Treatment

Tooth loss takes a terrible toll in the overall health and well-being of people. A missing front tooth draws instant focus to the mouth due to the unaesthetic smile. Multiple missing teeth create a situation where the other teeth wear prematurely and become crooked. When all of the teeth are lost most people have trouble wearing their dentures as they hurt, move while eating, slip during speech. All of these problems only get worse with age depriving many people of a good quality of life in their senior years.

Single Tooth Loss

When a single tooth needs replacing an implant is often the treatment of choice. The implant, which is an artificial tooth root, is placed in the bone and a crown is place on top of the implant. This restoration often looks and functions just like a real tooth. The implant restoration stops the teeth around it from drifting and becoming crooked and it also helps the bone and the gum from collapsing as it stimulates the tissue around it in a similar fashion to a natural tooth.

Multiple Tooth Loss

Implants can serve as artificial tooth roots in any situation where enough bone is present for their placement. One implant can be placed per missing tooth and individual crowns attached. In other situations implants can be placed for some of the missing teeth where the roots used to be and bridgework can then be placed on the implants. The great benefit of this type of treatment is that the artificial teeth often look like, feel like and function like natural teeth. Any implants placed provide the added benefit of resisting bone and gum loss which is important in resisting aging of the mouth.

Total Tooth Loss

The loss of all teeth can be a tragedy. Severe bone loss over time, as a result of tooth loss makes a person look older than they are due to wrinkling around the mouth. Dentures become painful to wear and many people give up trying to eat with them. They prefer to remove their dentures at meals. As a result they become housebound and cannot experience the social pleasure of dinning in restaurants or eating with friends. Dental implants can help almost all patients who have lost all of their teeth, It is better if the patient seeks treatment before most of the bone is lost, however, with modern techniques almost all patients can be helped. If bone is plentiful, implants can be placed where the roots of the teeth used to be and crown and bridge style teeth can be made. These look like, feel like and function like natural teeth. When there is considerable bone loss, multiple implants can be placed to support artificial teeth that resemble dentures. The difference between denture like teeth supported by implants and dentures is that they function better and move less than dentures. Eating becomes a pleasure again and the teeth stay in place providing comfort, function and increased confidence. Life is wonderful again.